Project's Impact

Key achievements of Sudokkho at the end of the programme include: 
  • 71,932 people earning an income in skilled or semi-skilled jobs within six months of completion of Sudokkho-supported training, against an end of programme target of 65,000.13,
  • £39 million of additional net income for those trained that can be attributed to their increased skills and
  • £6.9 million additional investment generated from industry for skills training, against a logframe target of £5m.


Although further activities were planned for the final year to support the sustainability of these results, there is evidence of emerging systemic change. This includes: 

  • Top-tier RMG factories are willing to make structural changes and financial commitments towards investing in skills training, and six factories have independently invested in the Sudokkho industry-based training model.
  • BGMEA’s University of Fashion and Technology (BUFT) has agreed to take institutional ownership of Sudokkho’s training model and Primark has committed to continue the Sudokkho training model with its own funding.
  • 34 PTPs have become official Registered Training Organisations, 22 Training Providers have benefitted from capacity building in Sudokkho’s Quality Standards System and 5 Training Providers have secured contracts to supply skilled workers to factories.
  • The competency standards and assessment tools developed by Sudokkho have been adopted by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) and other donor programmes. The competency-based curriculum framework developed by Sudokkho became a national document by BTEB and adopted by NSDA with some modifications.
  • Every £1 of donor spend generated £2.22 of additional income for trainees. The additional income generated is likely to be higher because the programme attributes two years of additional income, in line with DCED standards. Every £1 of donor spend generated £0.37 of investment from RMG factories. In addition, PTPs have invested in equipment and training subsidies.

Project Timeline