Results and Impact

Tmake our processes more efficient and for our own continuous improvement, Swisscontact applies systematic impact measurement. Our uniform results monitoring and measurement in various projects are integral elements of Swisscontact project management and quality assurance. 

Our Results 2017 - 2021

The challenges of systematic impact measurement
Over the last few years, Swisscontact successfully built a comprehensive system to measure project results, which is based on the Results Measurement Standard of The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED). How do the projects and Swisscontact as an organisation benefit from a global system and what experiences did project teams make in the field? Michael Fink, Head of Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) and Wiebe Vos, MRM Advisor Latin America answer the questions.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems, Sustainable tourism
Kosovo project top score in results measurement audit
Following a rigorous external audit of its monitoring and results measurement, a project implemented by Swisscontact in Kosovo achieved one of the best results of formally audited projects to date.

Project examples

Cambodia: More fertile soils bring a better life
Climate change, poverty and the lack of food security – a Swisscontact project in Cambodia is tackling all three challenges. By upgrading their agricultural methods, farmers can increase their yields and protect the environment.
Youth: a potential source of economic development
Niger is among the world’s least developed countries. Its greatest challenges include population growth, migration and security. Swisscontact has been working in Niger since 2005 to support young people in their efforts to find employment.

Impact measurement in a Skills Development project in Albania

Skills for Jobs (S4J)
Erka Çaro, Swisscontact MRM specialist in Albania outlines how impacts are assessed in a Skills Development Programme with the example of the SDC project Skills for Jobs (S4J) in Albania.
Initial vocational education and training, Sustainable tourism
Monitoring and Results Measurement Manual of the ‘Skills for Jobs’ (S4J) Project
Swisscontact implements continuous monitoring and regular results measurement to ensure quality within projects. In the "MRM Manual ‘Skills for Jobs’ (S4J)", Swisscontact shares its valuable insights into the function of Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) in the context of the Skills Development project S4J.
Tracer Report: How are VET Graduates Performing in the Job Market?
‘Skills for Jobs’ project has supported the piloting and establishment of a graduates’ tracer system at the provider level in 7 partner VET providers.