Mission statement

We promote inclusive economic, social and ecological development  to make an effective contribution towards sustainable and widespread prosperity in developing and emerging economies. With this objective in mind, we offer the chance to economically and socially disadvantaged people to improve their lives on their own initiative.

Our Values and Beliefs

We believe that people, even in dire conditions have the ability and will to act and liberate themselves from the shackles of poverty. However, this is only possible in an enabling environment and level playing field. 

We make an effective contribution to improve the framework conditions for sustainable development through the facilitation of access to skills, knowledge, markets, technologies and financial services

We believe that balanced private sector and market-driven approaches in the context of an environmentally and socially sustainable market economy offer the best conditions for people to fulfill their potential and make sustainable development possible. 

We act responsibly and respect people in their own contexts, societies and cultures.
We stand for professional quality and high ethical standards in our activities. 

What we do 

  • We strengthen the competencies of people, improving their employability.
  • We increase the competitiveness of enterprises, growing their business.
  • We foster social and economic systems, promoting inclusive development.