West Africa is a very diverse region with an as yet unfulfilled potential for development. Despite the substantial geopolitical challenges presently faced by the countries of this region, they have good future prospects: a young and increasingly educated population, a labour force with considerable potential in promising economic sectors. More important still, the conflicts and refugee crises have made the need to achieve political stability all the more imperative, ushering in reconstruction and thereby generating opportunities for a growing population, including migrants. 


  • Area: 1,284,000 km²
  • Population: 16 million
  • Capital: N'Djamena

Swisscontact in Chad 

  • since 2017


2018 - 2023
Labour market insertion
Inclusive development programme in reception areas – South zone
The DIZA programme is the result of a request from the Chadian State, through the Ministry of Economy and Development Planning, to intervene on the dynamics of host populations / refugee populations, returnees and displaced persons to which the European Union has responded positively. The DIZA targets vulnerable people, namely indigenous people,...
2017 - 2021
Initial vocational education and training
Vocational Training Support Programme in Chad
A vast, landlocked country in the heart of Africa, Chad is among the world’s poorest countries. Ranking 185th of 188 countries in terms of human development, nearly half the population of Chad, or 47.5% of a total 13 million inhabitants in 2015, lives below the poverty line.Consequently, the main indicators for education are weak and reflect the...
Country Director
Emmanuel Bossennec

Our approach

Improving employability helps mitigate poverty as long as the economy can grow, qualified technicians can be integrated into it, and men and women are able to find gainful employment. 

Swisscontact’s involvement is to facilitate labour market integration through the following activities: strengthening life skills, information, consulting and guidance, support to set up a business, etc. All of Swisscontact’s vocational education programmes are geared toward the specific needs of the market. SME development projects focus on strengthening the private sector and specific economic sectors. Through our interventions we are able to increase participation of representatives of civil society and the private sector to work toward sustainable development. 

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