In collaboration with its investor partners, RISE has developed products and services tailored for investees and those who support them.

USAID RISE has built a multi-investor, multi-sector technical assistance (TA) facility that supports impact businesses that are trying to secure investments or have raised funds and need additional non-financial support for sustainable growth. This TA is designed to be a one-stop shop where entrepreneurs can access various forms of support through a pool of vetted consultants. RISE facilitated impact for the base of the pyramid (BoP) by providing businesses with high potential for positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

RISE has offered the following services:

  • Investment Readiness: The investment readiness TA is designed to support SGBs as they work to become investment ready and assist investors in building an investible pipeline. Short-term consultancy or medium-run coaching support to companies seeking investment from the platform’s partners or other investors.  The repayable grant requires a small down payment and the company repays the remaining balance once they successfully raise capital and grow their business. 
  • Post-Investment: The post-investment TA provides business support to SGBs that have already successfully raised capital. This support is meant to help mitigate risks for investors and support more resilient growth for high impact SGBs. It is also designed to help SGBs move from one round of funding to the next more successfully. Short to medium-term consultancies to companies who have received investments from platform partners.  The repayable grant requires a small down payment and the company repays the remaining value over several years as their business grows.
  • Networking: Facilitation of linkages between growth-oriented social impact companies and strategic partners who offer free or deeply discounted services.
  • Gender lens investing: Short to medium-term coaching for companies seeking to raise capital from gender lens investors.  Available for platform clients accessing investment readiness, post-investment, and networking support.
  • TA Providers: TA is provided through a pool of vetted consultants. RISE provides matchmaking services, connecting entrepreneurs to service providers by offering 2-3 options of consultants and firms with relevant expertise.  If investors or companies wish to work with their own preferred provider, RISE first vets the provider before contracting services.