Capacity Building at Different Levels 
  • In 2008, the Mavuno intervention changed its deployment strategy from using Swisscontact Field Officers to using Community-Based Trainers (CBTs). This move necessitated an improvement in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the mobilization, formation, and group training. Additionally, a training fund was introduced where Mavuno members contributed towards a stipend for the CBTs which in turn created continuity in the training sessions. 
  • A key programme activity included linking the Mavuno group members to financial institutions. This not only increased member access to financial products and services but also created a platform for continued learning. As the financial institutions gained more clients, they realized they needed to invest in financial literacy so their clients could be empowered to make sound decisions. Members see the value of the training and so continue to associate with the specific financial institution for their financing needs. 
  • IFP trained smallholder farmers on the proper contract negotiation skills enabling the farmer groups to be proficient in bargaining for suitable delivery and payment terms with off-takers.  
  • Training the management and staff of the Association of Marketing Cooperatives Societies (AMCOS) in Tanzania increased their ability to run and manage the warehouses on their own. Swisscontact carried out intensive training on the benefits of the warehouse receipt system and made them realize their full potential for the benefit of the smallholders. 
  • The capacity building and institutional strengthening provided by the programme enabled MFIs and SACCOs to develop new and relevant products and services. The management and staff who underwent the trainings now have the relevant skills to address the needs of their clients.