We support national, regional and local economic development, agricultural development, tourism services, trade, and entrepreneurial ecosystems.
Entrepreneurial ecosystem development 
Entrepreneurship and the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems drive economies for job creation, income generation, and contribution to the SDGs. 
Swisscontact is facilitating national and global trade to improve growth potential and competitiveness of businesses and to foster sustainable job and income creation.
Sustainable Tourism Development
Tourism is a sector with potential for sustainable economic growth for both developing and emerging economies. 
Swisscontact can draw on extended project experience in the field of migration and forced displacement. Migration is old as humankind, though people move for different reasons. We work with migrants in different socio-economical and geographical contexts, especially in the areas of returning migrants, diaspora engagement, and skills development for refugees.
Our expertise
We strengthen the competencies of people, increase the competitiveness of enterprises and foster the inclusiveness of social and economic systems.