Continuing Vocational Education and Training

Ensuring lifelong employability through upskilling and reskilling 

Continuous Vocational Education and Training, is the process and mechanism that supports working age women and men who have completed their I-VET or who have learnt on the job to remain active in the labour market with new and updated skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Many governments increasingly promote C-VET as a part of creating a permeable qualification system that enables lifelong learning for all. Governments realise the urgent need for universal access to C-VET and adapt their systems to include lifelong learning.

Continuous Vocational Education and Training is characterized by its diversity, which ranges from centre-based to enterprise-based formal and non-formal, short and longterm up-skilling and retraining delivered part-time or full-time. It includes both soft and hard skills.

While learners benefit from higher employability, career progression and increased wages, enterprises and industry benefit directly from a more adaptable and trained workforce. For this reason, they increasingly finance Continuous Vocational Education and Training so that their skills requirements are met.

Swisscontact interventions ensure that upskilling and re-skilling options are widely available, affordable and relevant to the current and evolving needs of the economy, and also support the professional and personal development of all categories of working men or women, including disadvantaged groups.


Swisscontact's offer

Swisscontacts Continuous Vocational Education and Training projects promote industry-based training in specific sectors like hospitality, readymade garments or construction. By building the HR planning and management capacities of associations and enterprises, including SMEs, Swisscontact encourages them to invest in training and safe work practices as a viable option to addressing their skills-related productivity barriers.

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