World-Famed Chefs Reinventing Local Dishes while Supporting Farmers

Sustainable tourism
Chefs can be initiators of change - not just of taste and eating habits - but of supporting local farmers too. By introducing fresh locally grown ingredients into their recipes, the chefs foster stronger connections between farmers and restaurants, farmers and consumers.

On 16 June 2019, world-known chefs Fejsal Demiraj from Noma restaurant in Denmark and Entiana Osmenzeza, chef in Italy, hosted the “Taste of Kosova” event serving dishes made entirely of locally grown or foraged ingredients. The event was part of the Albanian Gastronomy Expedition, a project of RRNO Foundation, which aims at documenting and reinventing Albanian cuisine. The expedition places a special focus on local farmers and producers. The funds raised during the event held at Menza Ramiz Sadiku go to support women farmers in Kosovo. There are plenty of tasty and healthy things to eat are out there – you just have to look for and find them!