Uttoron organised pre-training orientation workshops in Dhaka

Continuing Vocational Education and Training, Labour market insertion
Pre-training workshops were held in Dhaka from 17th to 19th August 2021 for 3 days to orient and select learners for Uttoron’s upcoming training program.

Uttoron always prioritises the delivery of quality training on various demand-driven industry trades for its learners. Keeping this objective in mind, the aforementioned workshop will play a pivotal role in selecting suitable candidates with the right motivation levels for the training programme. Following the workshop, the Uttoron project had close to zero dropout rates and high attendance rates amongst its learners. 

74 learners participated in the training, in preparation to join the upcoming training programme of Uttoron in Dhaka division. Trainees’ competency levels were assessed via interactive team-building exercises and individual sessions. At the close of these sessions, one-on-one interviews were held to determine trainees’ career and/or trade preferences, and overall career aspirations. These interviews also go a long way in ensuring that trainee selection is in alignment with Uttoron’s training objectives. 


The primary financing partner for this project is Chevron. This project constitutes part of Swisscontact’s Development Programme. The Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation (SDC) under the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) commits to covering up to 30% of the costs of the entire Development Programme.