Uttoron organised pre-training orientation program

Uttoron project organised multiple pre-training orientation program from 26 December 2020 to 28 January 2021 at Sylhet, Habiganj and Moulavibazar area to orient the participants about Uttoron project and its offered trades.

Pre-training orientation program is a unique approach of Uttoron project. After primary registration, all the applicants have to participate in this day-long event. At the event, the applicants are thoroughly informed about Uttoron project as well as the trades, career potential for attaining training on these trades. This helps the applicants to make informed decision while selecting their preferred trades. Through various group and individual activities, participants are informed about the importance of skills training for the betterment of their life and reduce drop-out rate through creating group dynamics. At the end of the event, a one-on-one session is conducted to assess participants aspiration for skills training and to know their preferred trades. Based on the assessment, applicants are selected or rejected for the skills training. During December-January period a total of 408 participants (27% Female) participated in this program.  Among them 364 participants were selected, and 44 were found to be ineligible to participate in Uttoron training.