Tourism students in Indonesia to use LinkedIn for career development

“I know how to use the tools professionally to be able to extend my connections, and this will make it easier for my job application or recruitment process”, said Lale Rahma Alya, she is student of Lombok Tourism Polytechnic (PPL), Indonesia.

One of the recommendation from the Sustainable Tourism Education Development (STED) kick-off with its key stakeholders was the need to equip the partner polytechnic with a tool that will help to agglomerate data on professional development of students, support career development of the students before and after graduation, contribute to tracking of graduates movement along career paths, and enhance the communication between PPL and various groups of students and, subsequently, alumni. LinkedIn is widely known as a reliable internet-based service provider in the field of HR and a commonly used platform for recruitment in the tourism and hospitality industry

STED has trained selected number of staff to be able to teach the students to use LinkedIn for their career development, such as to display their practical learning portfolio and to connect with industry people and recruiters. The online professional network platform will be used also in the school’s tracer study.

According to LinkedIn and Adweek, Millennials make up a significant chunk of LinkedIn’s total user base. Of the 2 billion Millennials globally, 87 million of them are on LinkedIn. STED project is mandated by SECO Economic cooperation and development.