Technical vocational training - a source of hope for young Kollen

Initial vocational education and training
Kollen is a young man with a high level of determination. He grew up amidst difficulties in the neighbourhood of Xipamanine in the city of Maputo, characterised by high rates of poverty and unemployment. Regardless of his social and economic condition, he never thought of giving up his studies.

The 28-year-old is the third of seven children, orphaned by his parents, and lives with his brothers.  

Kollen trained in the field of Lathe and Milling at the Metalworking Vocational Training Centre. After his training, he started a six-month internship at  the company Gestreb.

Kollen, intern at Gestrab company

He learned about this training through his friend, who, knowing his social and financial condition, introduced him to the course at the Metalworking Vocational Centre, which has a partnership with Swisscontact under the Skills to Build project. He seized the opportunity and enrolled in order to acquire technical skills to be able to match the demands of the employment market.

"When the day of the interview came, I chose the course of Lathe and Milling because it is a course that is part of mechanics, a course that I intend to do in the future. The course also appealed to me because in the locksmith workshop where I worked as an apprentice  they did work in the area of Lathe and Milling, I already knew and had knowledge of the operation of the machines used for the manufacture of parts."

"My training in Lathe and Milling was very good. I had good trainers, they were very talented and patient. They gave us all the support possible, shared their experiences in the area, for me it was the best training that I have done so far. And I took the opportunity to give the best of myself, so as to come out competent and highly qualified, I was the best student on my course."

After he completed the training, one of the trainers directed him and some of his colleagues to the internship opportunities at the Gestrab company.

According to Kollen, at the beginning, the internship was not what he expected. He wanted to put into practice what he learnt straight away and use the machines. However, he first had to go through a phase of observation and initiation into handling the machines.

"I feel ready to execute this profession. Now, the director already sends me to do some plays  by myself, for me it is a very high level of satisfaction, to be able to work autonomously, it is incredible."

After he finishes the internship, he intends to look for a job in order to help his brothers with the household expenses and create financial stability in order to build his own house, and continue his education.

This project is financed by Happel Foundation, among other donors. It is part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, which is co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA.

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