Roma Women Start New Businesses with Swiss Support

Mejreme Gerbani and Hava Abdullahu are starting a new journey as business owners and employers.

After attending a series of business training sessions organized by the Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women of Kosovo, they both elaborated further their business ideas and were awarded start-up grants by Swisscontact’s project Promoting Private Sector Employment. 

Mejreme, already an experienced tailor, will now run her own production activity, making clothes from scratch for her buyers, primarily large producers of uniforms and sportwear. Hava will bring her family farm activity of dairy production to the next level and satisfy the demand of a growing list of customers who love her cheese. 

This activity is part of the social inclusion efforts of PPSE targeting women and girls from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo, to support them in the journey of entrepreneurship as a means of self-empowerment.