Professional technical training, an opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional

Thanks to the Skills to Build project implemented by Swisscontact, Adelino Mazive was able to get a Certificate, an internship and later a job, which improved his income and the living conditions of his family.

Adelino Mazive, aged 30, married and father of an 11-year-old boy, is a resident of Bobole. He was trained as a mason by the Centro de Formação Profissional de Obras Públicas (CFPOP) in 2021, with the aim of obtaining a technical qualification in order to be prepared for the challenges of the labour market.

Adelino Mazive

Adelino left school at basic level in 2015 and started to look for a job to earn some money. He tried his hand at agriculture but was not happy with it, and from time to time he did small jobs as a bricklayer. He learnt about a technical vocational training competition through a friend, an initiative co-financed by Swisscontact in partnership with the Centro de Formação Profissional de Obras Públicas (CFPOP). To build on his practical experience working as a mason on a casual basis, he decided to enrol in the course to become a professional mason.

He successfully completed the training and was immediately integrated into the internship programme of the company E.C. Silva Construções which is supported by Swisscontact. Thanks to his good performance, he was hired by the company in which he was doing his internship.

With this job, he intends to grow professionally, become a contractor, and eventually set up his own company. For this, he is making long-term savings to be able to purchase tools and work equipment.

The company E.C. Silva Construções received more than 10 trainees through the partnership with Swisscontact. According to the foreman of the company, Vanildo Amaral, where Adelino trained and is currently working, the Skills to Build Project brought benefits to young people in Maputo. It provided them with the opportunity to train and then intern to solidify their knowledge acquired during training, enabling them to meet the needs of the labour market.

This project is financed by the Medicor Foundation, Happel Foundation, and U.W. Linsi-Stiftung, among other donors. It is part of the Swisscontact Development Programme, which is co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA. 

2021 - 2024
Continuing Vocational Education and Training, Labour market insertion
Skills to Build
In close collaboration with the private sector, the project promotes improved competitiveness in the construction sector through specific training measures. In this way, the employment conditions and incomes of 470 already employed construction workers are to be improved or increased. In addition, 1 150 unskilled unemployed youth interested in...