Podcast Episode on the Reintegration of Returning Migrants

Labour market insertion
Saul Diaz Ortiz, Regional Director of Swisscontact in Latin America, is addressing the unique needs of returning migrants through partnerships with individuals, communities, government, and businesses. In the podcast VOICES - Conversations on Business and Human Rights from Around the World of the Institute for Human Rights and Business, he details his experience of identifying and boosting the economy of the returning migrants' countries of origin when they are properly integrated into society.

Reuters reported in April 2021 that roughly 85,000 of the 172,000 migrants at the southern US border were from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. When they return to their country of origin, the returnees face a number of reintegration challenges. The Nuevas Oportunidades project helps the returned migrants to re-establish themselves by certifying their skills acquired abroad, by increasing employability and promoting self-employment as well as entrepreneurship.

2018 - 2024
El Salvador, Guatemala
Labour market insertion
Nuevas Oportunidades: productive reintegration of returned migrants
The project seeks the economic reintegration of returned migrants. It enables returned migrants to certify the skills they have acquired in the United States or Mexico. After certification, they are supported in finding a job or starting their own business.