Peruvian and Bolivian Tarwi and Cañahua producers exchange experiences

Sustainable agriculture
In order to promote producers' ancestral knowledge of sowing, harvesting, good agricultural practices for the mitigation of climate change, an exchange of experiences between Tarwi and Cañahua producers took place in Peru today.

The activity took place with producers representing two municipalities in the department of La Paz, the municipality of Anzaldo in Cochabamba and the municipality of Acasio in the north of Potosí. 15 visitors were welcomed by producers from the municipality of Yunguyo and Zepita (Peru) and they exchanged knowledge that will strengthen their production chains of cañahua and tarwi.

Nestor Chambi Pacoricona of the Chuyma Association of Rural Support (Chuyma Aru), an NGO composed of professionals from three indigenous communities in Southern Peru, explains that the exchange was intended for producers to be able to adapt to climate change. He highlights the importance to recognize and practice the knowledge of their ancestors in terms of planting, harvesting and good agricultural practices:

"It is about sharing results obtained, challenges, and lessons learned in our agricultural work and thus complement the wisdom of our ancestors with current technology, which will allow us to cope with climate change."
Nestor Chambi Pacoricona, executive director of the Chuyma Association of Rural Support (Chuyma Aru)

Fernando Mamani, a cañihua producer from the department of Puno in Peru, valued the event in terms of the exchange of experiences promoted by Proinpa (Bolivia) and Chuyma Aru (Peru):

"Thanks to the training we have received, since last year we have been strengthening our cañihua crops, with the vision that in the not too distant future we will also be able to export our cañihua like our producer colleagues in neighbouring Bolivia."
Fernando Mamani, Peruvian cañihua producer  

Celia Esther Carita Laime, a cañahua producer from Bolivia, expressed her gratitude to the institutions supporting such activities, which allow them to unite and strengthen relationships and knowledge in order to help them in their Tarwi and cañahua crops: "We are grateful to the Euroclima project and the Proinpa engineers for giving us the opportunity to learn about and share ancestral experiences with our Peruvian producers, respecting mother earth and the hills. Also, thanks to the support of Proinpa, we have shared knowledge about the varieties of cañahua such as: Cañahuiri, Illimani and Lasta Rosada. We have seen how their crops are treated, the use of water from Lake Titicaca and the organic preparation of the sowing".

The Euroclima+ project 'Resilient Heritage of the Andes, Cañahua and Tarwi' is financed by the European Union and implemented by Swisscontact and Proinpa.

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Sustainable agriculture
Resilient Patrimony of Andes, Cañahua and Tarwi
Increase recovery capabilities of the agricultural production systems in the highlands of Bolivia and Peru to enhance the cultivation of Cañahua and Tarwi by improving their production, marketing and consumption of super foods that are part of the food heritage of both countries.The Bolivian and Peruvian altiplano ecosystem is more vulnerable to...