New Nutritious Product Developed with Swisscontact Support

What’s in a fruit bar? For starters, a daily dose of healthy nutrients. Bonus points: fruit bars come in different flavors.

Swisscontact's Promoting Private Sector Employment project in Kosovo partner Kodra e Diellit has already tested at least 10 new fruit bar choices, their newest product to hit the market soon. After developing their own recipes of healthy fruit bars – a mixture of various fruit and other ingredients – the company arranged for the new products to be tested and rated for qualities ranging from texture, flavor, color, to taste and consistency. “Based on customer feedback, we selected five samples for final production, to begin in August,” say company representatives.

The new product, fruit bars, is the result of the collaboration between Kodra e Diellit and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation that consists of the co-financing of the machinery to produce fruit rolls and bars, implemented through the PPSE Opportunity Fund mechanism.