The 5th ADM conference, Sweden

Sustainable tourism
From 08 – 10 June 2022, Mrs. Latdaphone Vongkhamheng, the Swisscontact in Lao PDR staff joined the 5th Advances in Destination Management (ADM) conference that was organized in Kalmar Campus, Sweden.

The ADM conference was hosted by Linnaeus University in collaboration with the Institute of Systemic Management and Public Governance (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland). The ADM conference has invited researchers and practitioners to share and discuss contributions that aim at advancing destination management and marketing, which representatives from related partners more than 30 participants.  

Image: Latdaphone is presenting during the ADM Conference, Sweden

Swisscontact in Lao PDR is also quite proud of Mrs. Latdaphone Vongkhamheng, who took home the Best Contribution Award at the 5th Advances in Destination Management for her paper on the Mekong Inclusive Growth and Innovation Programme (MIGIP).

The MIGIP started in Champasak province in 2013 and focuses on sustainable tourism destination development. The aim of MIGIP is more inclusive growth in the tourism sector in Southern Laos, contributing to job creation and income generation for smaller firms. And the MIGIP project also promotes public-private partnerships to demonstrate innovative models for sustainable destination development and management at the sub-national level and strengthens the institutionalization of destination management structures and processes to increase the competitiveness of the tourism sector leading to more market-driven employment and income generation.

The purpose of the 5th ADM conference was to bridge the gap between parallel developments in separated disciplinary tracks and to connect different bodies of knowledge on destination management. To this end, we join up the multifaceted perspectives that different research disciplines pursue and convene scholars and practitioners interested in advancing research on and the practice of destination management and marketing.

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Sustainable tourism
Economically strong regions through sustainable tourism (MIGIP Laos)
The objective of the project is to introduce new models for promoting localities that involve the social, environmental, and economic needs of local populations while creating additional income and jobs.Despite high and sustained economic growth, Laos remains one of the UN’s “Least Developed Countries” – one third of the population lives...