International development cooperation 2021:
Viable partnerships are key

Initial vocational education and training, Sustainable agriculture, Trade, Entrepreneurial ecosystems, Sustainable tourism, Labour market insertion, Continuing Vocational Education and Training, Green cities
In 2021, Swisscontact implemented 122 projects in 40 countries. Despite insecurity and ongoing restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 101,800 people around the world nevertheless completed programmes in vocational education, business training, and labour market integration. In addition, 56,300 new jobs were created or spared from downsizing.

The pandemic and the often difficult political situation affected people in many underdeveloped countries with particular severity. Last year, this required greater flexibility, agility, and creativity on our part. The Swisscontact Annual Report illustrates how vocational education and training and entrepreneurship promotion can help people find work and improve their incomes, despite the difficult circumstances.

The uncertainty and the restrictions in 2021 required considerably more flexibility, agility, and creativity on our part. This in turn affected our partnerships. Our well-built local and international networks have always been our trademark, and with the pandemic, they have become even more resilient.