In-Company Trainer for Polytechnic Furniture and Wood Processing Interns

Initial vocational education and training, Continuing Vocational Education and Training
The Furniture and Wood Processing Polytechnic in Kendal, Central Java, and the furniture exporting company PT Philnesia International have partnered for an industrial internship programme.

To date, there have been two batches with a total of 20 students doing industrial practices for nine months. A total of 80% (8 alumni) of former interns from the first batch have been hired as employees. The success of this structured internship programme is inseparable from the role of the In-Company Trainer who has become a critical element of the company structure. 

"Before I joined the company as an In-Company Trainer, there were no concepts and targets so interns did not benefit and the company could not have expectations from the interns. Structured internship contributes to cost efficiency, reduction of potential risks, and creation of leadership spirit for those involved in guiding the interns."
Totok Sampurno, In-Company Trainer, PT Philnesia International

In-Company Trainers Training Programme

In-Company Trainers are an important part of vocational training and serve two purposes; First, to supervise and mentor the apprentices in building their industry-based knowledge, skills and attitudes. In other words, they are responsible for trainees’ learning and personal development. Second, In-Company Trainers develop internal training programmes, so that the capability and productivity of the workforce in their companies increase. Eventually, these programmes will contribute to improved competencies of Indonesian workers. Moreover, trainers ensure that companies also provide high-quality apprenticeships for trainees.

To support the revitalisation of dual vocational education and training programmes in Indonesia, the Skills for Competitiveness (S4C) programme implemented by Swisscontact has contributed to the development of an internationally standardised and certified training programme to produce In-Company Trainers. The training programme aims at meeting the needs of polytechnics and community academy’s partner companies which required competent trainers in the workplace. Overall, 86 In-Company Trainers have been trained so far.

2018 - 2022
Initial vocational education and training, Continuing Vocational Education and Training
Skills for Competitiveness (S4C)
S4C, funded by SECO (Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs), is collaborating with Indonesian line ministries and industries to establish a dual VET (vocational education and training) system through selected polytechnics and community academy in metal,