Horti-Sempre Field Day assists horticulture producers in Ribáuè district

The Horti-Sempre project held a Field Day on 4th June 2021 in Ribaué district with the aim of promoting good agricultural practices and communication between farmers, technicians, agricultural input providers, teachers and students, as well as the inclusion of gender.

The event was attended by 95 participants among them field technicians, input providers and vegetable producers from various regions of the province. The participants were divided in groups in order to pass through different stations focusing on the following themes: progressive demonstration of improved varieties of vegetables in the field; demonstration of traditional leveled and disinfected nurseries; solar irrigation system; exposure of improved seeds and disinfection of seedlings before planting.

The event was also important in disseminating new technologies, thus creating conditions and opportunities for communication between producers, technicians and input providers.

The Field Day is promoted by the Horti-Sempre project which aims to improve the competitiveness of the horticultural sector through the promotion of clusters, strengthening market linkages and active exchange on market opportunities between producers and buyers.