Give a Day 5: Identifying Startup Type, Optimal Business Models and Startups that are Funding Grade

Entrepreneurial ecosystems
On 17 June, Khmer Enterprise, WE Act via Pac and Swisscontact organized the 5th “Give a Day” monthly meeting which is an initiative within the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building (EEB) Project. The meeting was attended by 38 participants representing investors, start-ups, support organizations, Government among others. 

The discussions of the 5th Give a Day centered around the “Identifying Startup Type, Optimal Business Models and Startups that are Funding Grade”. There was a lively discussion on terminologies around Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) versus Startups as well as guidance was provided on what is needed to nurture and successfully raise entrepreneurs in strengthening Cambodia’s startup ecosystem. We deeply thank David Shelters Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Mekong Strategic Partners for explaining the models and providing relevant information and all the Give a Day members for giving today for the entrepreneurial ecosystem community.

The 5th edition of “Give a Day” monthly meeting was covered by the following media:

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Entrepreneurial ecosystems
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building
The project aims to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems by deepening trust-based relationship among the system’s actors that will help to strengthen an enabling environment for entrepreneurial networks to form high quality connections to support entrepreneurship.