Ensuring equal participation of women and men in vocational skills development

Initial vocational education and training
The Vocational Skills Development Programme in Myamar implements various measures to ensure that women and men from disadvantaged groups have equal access to training opportunities.

The Vocational Skills Development Program (VSDP) is contributing to the improvement of technical and vocational skills development system in Myanmar by increasing access to quality vocational skills training for young women and men. It also engages disadvantaged beneficiaries with better employment through market-oriented vocational training. The overall goal is improved livelihood opportunities for women and men in targeted areas and occupations in Myanmar. 

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) is mainstreaming in VSDP to promote equal participation of women and men from different religions, ethnic groups and other disadvantaged backgrounds. To ensure the women receive equal representation in its training activities,

  • Female-friendly training courses are included such as tailor, beautician, salesclerk, hospitality, cook apprenticeship, etc.
  • Female instructors are recruited to create a supportive to learning environment as they teach not only technical skills, but also advise female learners on specific needs and concerns related to gender issues.
  • VSDP collaborates with local CBOs/NGOs to promote women participation in learner mobilization and selection process, since women generally faced more limitations in mobility and access to information,
  • Training manuals/curricula are designed with visual illustration for more user-friendliness, to reduce barriers for learners with limited education.
  • Where needed, transportation and separate boarding facilities are provided for to encourage women from the remote geographical areas to participate in the vocational skills training.
Yu Par AungCook Apprentice 

“Although I had no prior exposure to cooking, the combination of theory and practice really helped me learn and grow through the apprenticeship course. I am happy when I see myself in the cook uniform as it gives me a sense of professionalism.”

Zin Mar LwinVenus Fashion, Mudon 

"In addition to learning basic tailoring methods, I was also able to learn how to maintain tailoring equipment. I also learned how to start and manage my own business and communicate well with customers. Now I have my own business and income even though I studied only till middle school."

Tin Zar OoBeautician, Hpa-An 

“I did some self-learning through online tutorials but when I actually picked up a pair of scissors, I was lost. I realized that I would not get very far without having practical skills. When I learned about the VSDP from my friends, I was very keen to take the training opportunity and start to develop my career. The selection process was very competitive but luckily, I got in. Now I co-manage a beauty salon with my cousin. To be in my hometown with my family and running my own business truly feels like a blessing.”

The Vocational Skills Development Program (VSDP) is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by Swisscontact.