E-Shops Made Available and Affordable for Small Businesses in Kosovo

It looks like COVID-19 has imposed the necessity for many small businesses to shift operations to the online world, and this change is here to stay. The newest platform www.shitjaonline.com is the answer to the needs of many small businesses to dive into e-commerce.

“This software system manages the sale of goods on behalf of businesses that wish to list all products online, and does this through a centralized and integrated platform,” says Zana Tabaku, CEO of Appdec that developed the system. Through a partnership agreement signed with PPSE, this platform will create new sales channels for interested businesses from the hotel, restaurant and cafeteria (HoReCa) sector, grocery shops and bakeries, by giving them access to online shops (e-shops) at an affordable price. 

“As per the agreement, PPSE will co-finance 60% of set-up costs and 50% of subscription costs for one year, whereas the clients will co-finance 40% of set-up costs and 50% of subscription costs for one year,” explains Tabaku. Setup costs include: 

design, hosting, placement of the shop in shitjaonline.com, remote training for clients how to use the platform, maintenance, and support.

Through this collaboration, Appdec will identify interested businesses, oversee the set-up and maintenance of client e-shops and provide support. Whereas PPSE will co-finance the platform setup and subscription, with the aim of giving more opportunities to businesses to enter new sales channels. It is expected that with increased sales channels, the sales will go up, businesses will increase income and employ more people. Local farmers and producers are indirect beneficiaries, as they will receive increased demand for their products.