Cooperation to Boost Sustainability in Indonesia Tourism Sector

At the beginning of 2020, Swisscontact Indonesia’s SUSTOUR project’s, represented by Mr. Ruedi Nützi, its Project Manager, and Excellence Plus Indonesia (EPI), represented by Mr. Edi Purnomo of EPI Managing Director, signed a Partnership Agreement on training and coaching for accommodation businesses in Indonesian two provinces East Nusa Tenggara and Southeast Sulawesi (24/01).

This cooperation will focus on providing market-relevant training and coaching services for accommodations related to the implementation of sustainability aspects at the growing tourist destination of Labuan Bajo and Wakatobi. Within the two years cooperation, it is envisaged that better understanding and implementation of sustainability aspects will reduce operational costs and thus contribute to achieve the objectives of the pilot program. In addition, the provision of services related to leadership and skills will also be offered to maximize operational activities and service quality of participating accommodations.