Branding Increases the Value of Small Producers

In a market where quality marketing services for micro, small and medium-sized companies are hard to find or are not affordable, the solution is often found in innovative approaches. Swisscontact’s PPSE project in Kosovo has partnered with United Pixels Academy (UPA), which trains young designers in graphic design, motion design and application development. The goal of the partnership is to bring together creative young designers to work closely with small food processing companies to improve the branding and marketing of new final processed products.

On 12 December 2019, UPA organized an event that brought together local producers and young designers to meet, discuss about the importance of branding and promotion. The event was a networking opportunity for both groups and a starting point for future potential collaboration. 

Armend Berisha of UPA said “Investing in the image of a business can play a very positive role in generating positive impressions on people and consummers in general.”  Zarije Malsiu, owner of Biofruti that collects and processes medicinal aromatic plants, is one of the beneficiaries of this services enabled through the PPSE-UPA partnership, and very pleased with the service and end product by one of the young designers.   These services of the young graduates will support the processors with services such as: branding, web design, package design, copywriting, and social media campaign management. This is expected to contribute to an overall increase of sales and business expansion.