Assessment Package Development Training by National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) and Nepal Vocational Qualifications System Project (NVQS-P)

Initial vocational education and training
One of the major functions of National Vocational Qualification System (NVQS) is Qualification Assessment. 

Qualification assessment process starts with development of competency standards. Therefore, assessment package needs to be developed to assess the competencies of the candidates in their related occupation. Assessment packages are the major tools to assess the competency and the development assessment tools requires specific expertise. Hence, National Skill Testing Board (NSTB)/Nepal Vocational Qualifications System Project (NVQS-P) organised a 5-day (27 September – 01 October 2021) Assessment Package Development Training for the experts from Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI), Technical Schools, and Private Sector.

A total of 17 participants (6 Female) participated the training from Tile & Marble fitter, Building Painter and Garment Fabricator Occupations.

The objectives of training program were to enable subject matter experts of TVET sectors to develop assessment package based on National Competency Standard. For that, the participants will be capacitated to illustrate and apply:

1.       Overview of National Vocational Qualifications Framework (NVQF) and Level Descriptors

2.       Overview of Competencies and Competency Standards

3.       Overview of assessment, and Bloom’s Taxonomy

4.       Overview of evidence in qualification assessment

5.       Prepare practical assessment tools

6.       Prepare knowledge assessment tools

7.       Perform assessment tools analysis

The training was conducted in classroom environment where theoretical part with simulated practicum was arranged. Facilitation techniques like illustrated talks, brain storming, group discussion, practical tasks were provided to increase the learning outcome of the participants. At the end of the training, each participant developed assessment package of the relevant occupation.