Strengthen Destination Marketing

Goal: to strengthen destination marketing in public and private partnership for Kampot province.

In this intervention area, MIGIP supported the Kampot Tourism Working Group to strengthen destination marketing in public and private partnership.  MIGIP supported the destination to identify existing visitor flows (VF) and prioritize the VFs to be strengthened. The project further transform VFs into sub-brands through the marketing strategy centered on Visitor Flows.

Visitor flows are mainstreamed in the tourist survey (targeting the visitors along the four main visitor flows), destination marketing strategy, tourist information center, and the participation of national and regional travel fairs.  Further, the Tourism Working Group lunched a Visitor Flows Marketing Campaign with MIGIP’s supporting with a professional marketing agency to Developing and visualizing the four visitor flows to promote the destination Kampot though producing the marketing materials and industry sensitization.  

At the end of the project, VF has become the sub-brand of Kampot and taken up by the public sector for continuation. 

Key Highlights

  • 4 Visitor Flows were developed and have been used as strategy to promote the destination Kampot.