Promote Adoption of Agriculture Technology

Goal: to promote the adoption of innovative and appropriate scale agriculture technologies.
  • MIGIP successfully promoted 10 technologies: our portfolio in technology commercialisation.
  • The 4S model was developed to promote the technologies (and adapting the model to each technology and company). MIGIP now has a model to promote along with the technologies that is helping the farmers gain access to new technologies. Some of the technologies are still valid for the Conservation Agriculture/Sustainable Intensification (CA/SI) focus in Phase 2 of MIGIP (ISA) so these will be further promoted, e.g. land levellers, seed broadcaster, no-till planters. A combination of 4S model and the MetKasekor model will be carried out.
YeeChhun using the sale deck prepared as part of 4S model to encourage people to purchase agriculture machinery (tractor and various implements) and provide service to others

Demand for 4S training from private sector…

On July 2019, Swisscontact provided the third 4S training to intervention partners including RUA, Angkor Green, and Yee Chhun. Angkor Green requested for additional trainings on the 4S for their staff.