MetKasekor Extension Model

MetKasekor is an innovative extension model. MetKasekor focuses on opening the market for private sector investments. The model is a government resource for the future with the intention to improve the public agricultural extension service system in Cambodia.

Shifting towards Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification (CASI)

Cambodia needs to shift towards practice of Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification in order to tackle existing problems of low productivity, water shortage, and land degradation. In order to ensure a widespread knowledge of CA, public institutions, especially agriculture extension agents and private sector, need to come together. Ultimately this would lead to reduced strain on the environment with better soil health and increased yield and production for the farmers. 

Model Activities

  1. Identification of potential agriculture cooperatives, farmers and service providers
  2. Demand Creation with agriculture cooperatives, service providers and smallholder farmers
  3. Field Showcase by early adopter farmers
  4. Commercial Demonstration led by private sector
  5. Annual Meeting to review progress of the model (during pilot phase)
  6. Promotional Meeting to enlarge the pool of private sector