Rajiv Pradhan

Country Director Cambodia | Project Manager, ISA

Management Team, Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture

Rajiv Pradhan is currently the Country Director at Swisscontact in Cambodia. He has over 25 years of experience working with the private and the development sector. After having run an export company for nearly 8 years, Rajiv teamed up with some like-minded people and co-founded and led a socially responsible investment company, Lotus Holding (1997-2006, which promoted social development through private investments). Rajiv was instrumental in taking the concepts of Business Development Services (BDS), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) forward in Nepal.

Rajiv has worked in senior management positions in the market development projects in Nepal (BDS-MaPS), Bangladesh (Katalyst) and Indonesia (PRISMA). Rajiv successfully led the iDE Bangladesh operations (2009-13).  He has the experience of mentoring staff in the start-up of market development projects and is leading the Swisscontact’s global Inclusive Markets Capacity Development initiative. He has also been awarded the SEEP Practitioner of the Year Award in 2010.