Chakriya Soeun

Project Officer, ISA

Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture

Chakriya joined Swisscontact in August 2019 as a Junior Programme Officer in the Mekong Inclusive Growth and Innovation Programme (MIGIP). Growing up in a small village where farming is primary to sustain the lives of most villagers, Chakriya’s interest in agriculture has been immensely developed ever since. Her goal is to see those farmer lives become better off through increasing productivity leading to increasing income.

Moving into Swisscontact Cambodia is her steppingstone, enabling her to chase her dream. Though she is not often engaging in ground activities, she holds on to belief that her indirect engagement in this sector will be, to some degree, a drive to change in agricultural practices in Cambodia. In addition to that, Chakriya wishes to see the greater revolution in agriculture practices by which more Cambodian farmers see the importance and benefit of agri-tech and embark on the adoption of appropriate existing technologies.

Chakriya is a graduate holding a Bachelor’s degree in Argo-Industry from the Royal University of Agriculture.