Cacao de spécialité colombienne pour le marché durable suisse (Cacao+Sostenible) (anglais)

The project aims at triggering systemic changes and generate environmental, economic, and social impact in producer families and throughout the value chain by fostering innovations and services to adopt long-term commercial relationships between producers and consumers and to fulfill international sustainability and quality requirements. It leverages new sustainable business models for the supply of Colombian specialty cocoa to the Swiss market, based on inclusive supply chains of the partner companies. 

Valle di Cauca, Colombia
Durée du projet
2020 - 2022
Financé par
  • Secrétariat d'Etat à l'économie SECO
  • Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa
  • Pakka
  • Colcocoa

Le projet

Intervention area: Antioquia, Huila, Tolima, Nariño, Valle del Cauca, and Cauca

Producers: 1050 farmers (direct beneficiaries) and at least 519 associated farmers

Cocoa beans produced according to sustainable principles: At least 800 tons

Local dynamics: At least 568 producers apply good agricultural practices for sustainable cocoa production

Access to Finance: At least 304 small producers gain access to appropriate inclusive financial products to increase productivity and guarantee compliance with international sustainability standards (UTZ, organic label)

Robust Knowledge Management System: Achieve a systemic change in the speciality cocoa supply chain through cross-learning and exchanges of experiences.

Objectives and activities

The main objective is to consolidate and leverage viable and innovative business models that provide exportable supply according to the requirements of the Swiss chocolate industry within a framework of better conditions for small producers and their families (inclusiveness), by guaranteeing transparency along the value chain (traceability) and by avoiding deforestation

The project will combine the following innovations:

Business Model Innovations: The project proposes a new way of doing business in the Colombian cocoa sector, with a model that generates incentives to develop a new line of specialty and sustainable cocoa exports from small farmers who have access to information services, technical assistance and financing to consolidate their offer according to international market requirements. 

Productive Innovations: The project promotes cocoa cultivation in diversified and resilient agroforestry systems, by increasing density of productive plants per hectare and eliminating or reducing the use of agrochemical inputs.

Innovations in information communication technology for training, information gathering and financial solutions: Virtual solutions and Apps will allow to increase the speed of sharing content and knowledge, as well as the immediate connection between technicians, buyers, and producers.

Social Innovations: Women Economic Empowerment will contribute to building more resilient communities and more sustainable and inclusive value chains. 

Partenaire du projet

  • Colcocoa
  • Pakka Foundation
  • Solidaridad
  • Eos Entrepreneur Foundation
  • Felchlin


Expected results

Sustainable supply of Colombian specialty cocoa consolidated, with long-term trade relations between producers, processors, and consumers, generating environmental, economic, and social impact.

The expected results of the project are:

  • Outcome 1: Volume of cocoa beans produced according to sustainable cocoa principles increases in Colombia: The project identifies activities with partner companies to support smallholders in complying with requirements of the sustainable cocoa market to develop more beneficial supply chains.
  • Outcome 2: Producers apply good agricultural practices for sustainable cocoa production: Cost-effective extension service models and technical assistance programs will be developed and promoted.
  • Outcome 3: Small producers have access to appropriate inclusive financial products to increase productivity and compliance: Financial products and solutions for credit management will be developed, based on farm diagnostics, and required levels of investments for upgrading and certification.
  • Outcome 4: A robust knowledge management system for sustainable Cocoa created in Colombia: The validated innovations and successful experiences from each intervention will be systematized, disseminated, and promoted among the stakeholders of the specialty cocoa value chain.