Sustainable and Scalable Model

The RISE platform is in its fourth year of piloting and has proven effective in addressing the “missing-middle” funding gap by integrating TA, via a TA repayment model, to support SGBs on their journey to becoming investment ready. 

The TA repayment model requires a down payment from the SGBs, RISE covers the upfront cost of the TA assignment, and the SGB agrees to pay back the TA over time. TA repayments are recycled through a revolving fund to help other companies access support once repayments are made from existing clients. Through RISE, donor grant funding is catalytic that allows entrepreneurs to access TA when they need it but pay for it as their business grows and /or receives investment.

There is significant demand for this form of TA from SGBs in Southeast Asia and the RISE model is scalable due to its proven business model, strong consultancy pool and wide network of partners, including impact investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, gender lens investors, and intermediaries such as accelerators, and advisory firms and brokers. RISE currently has a pipeline of clients interested in accessing TA and with additional funding the platform could support countless more impact SGBs. Additionally, as RISE provides TA through an expandable pool by external consultants—as opposed to a fixed team of employees—it is easier to scale the number of SGBs and the types of TA offered.