Milestones and Activities
Construction of pilot underground dams, private import of pedal and manual water irrigation pumps
Market monitoring of horticultural products at the Waresta wholesale market. Introducing the Waresta Index Report.
Brazilian varieties import and promotion, official registration of onion and garlic varieties
Accompaniment of greenhouse´s ventures and business plans implementation.
Accompaniment the different packaging sales and promotion processes.
Technical assistance services and improved seeds promotion agreements with private sector, production of mother bulb and improved onion and garlic seed with entrepreneurial producers 
Women's groups trained in duck production and receiving veterinary services. Producers and institutions that received plants trained in the management of fruit orchards.
Introduction of community and family gravity and drop irrigation solutions 
Horticultural GAPs training processes aimed to small-scale farmers, emerging producers and public and private extensionist
Development of sorting and grading tables for postharvest practices and further dissemination Introduction of an intermediate technology of wooden boxes and further dissemination
Implementation of new greenhouse´s infraestructure and new private ventures
Design and implementation of a modular postgraduate course in horticulture (in alliance with agrarian institutes, universities) Replication of postgraduate course through modular courses at the agrarian institutes Production and edition of multimedia courses for horticulture management. 
Field days with demonstrations of innovations in protected crops, open field and irrigation systems.
Development and approval of regulations for certified vegetable seed production, Preparation of technical data sheets of registered varieties and technical manual for production of certified seed of lettuce, garlic and onion. 
Technical Assistance programme led by internships through NGOs and agricultural institutes. 
HORTIFest product promotion fairs and business roundtables