Albanian-Swiss Intellectual Property (angl.)

The Albanian-Swiss Intellectual Property Project (ALSIP) is a development cooperation project between the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Albania. The objective is to contribute to entrepreneurs, creators, researchers and producers in Albania benefiting from the effective protection of intellectual property objects.
Durée du projet
2020 - 2024
Financé par
  • Secrétariat d'Etat à l'économie SECO

The focus of the project is improving the function of the Intellectual Property system, to encourage and support innovation through encouraging research work, in particular from Albanian companies, local universities and individuals, to assist the Albanian economy and the citizens on the road to economic development and toward higher standards. Specifically, it will be able to serve as a policy means to encourage investments in research and development, as well as guarantee success in the market.

The Project

The ALSIP Project builds on the successful implementation of other Swiss international cooperation projects and intends to support tackling gaps and challenges of the Albanian IP system, so that potential users can fully benefit from its potentialities for innovation and socio-economic development.

Five outcomes will contribute to the achievement of the overall goal:

  • Improved Intellectual Property legislation and effective implementation of National IP Strategy contribute to better framework conditions for investment and innovation.
  • Well-functioning Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) registration and administration entities provide efficient and user-friendly services.
  • IPR entities, private and academia representatives are strengthened in the promotion of acquisition, use and transfer of IPRs to potential users.
  • Enforcement of IPRs is strengthened.
  • Awareness on importance of Knowledge and Technolgy Transfer (KTT) and IPR commercialization as part of innovation process is increased.

Project progress in the current implementation semester

  • Support the Government of Albania in drafting and implementing the IP Strategy
  • Launch activity of the National IP Strategy 2022-2025 - Approved by the Council of Ministers Decision no. 350 dated 26.05.2022
  • Geographical indication (GI) Study tour in IPI Bern and participation at the Montpellier GI conference
  • Translation to Albanian of the guideline on patents
  • Capacity building on Collective Management Organization (CMO) oversight and management, cooperation among CMOs
  • Translation to Albanian of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Publication on IP and Tourism
  • Publication of the first guide on IP for start-ups in Albanian
  • Launch of the Guide with representatives from WIPO-IPI-Academia
  • Supporting the drafting the organizational development strategy and action plan for GDIP’s training center

Project Partners

Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI)

Main counterparts: General Directorate of Industrial Property (GDIP)
(Ministry of Finance and Economy), Copyright Directorate (Ministry of