The relevance of Horti-Sempre is high because most of the population generates its income from agriculture and the horticultural sector is dynamic, competitive with potential for rapid growth, which the project demonstrated.
  • The project was aligned with the country's agricultural development policy and its Agenda 2025, focusing on accelerating the development of a commercial agricultural sector, especially by improving access to inputs, practices, irrigation, and markets.
  • Horti-Sempre was aligned with the SDC Cooperation Strategy in Mozambique, contributing to improved market opportunities, skills development, and improved access to services for smallholder farmers.
  • Horticulture is an emerging growth sector in the country, especially in the Northern region. The demand for vegetables is growing fast. The development of larger industries in the North (mining, gas/oil, manufacturing) offers additional opportunities for producers.
  • Our phased Market Systems development approach contributed significantly to actors' coordination and capacity gaps in the two selected value chains.