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Turning vision into reality

Sustainable growth, driven by an innovative private sector, adding value to underdeveloped regions and engaging disadvantaged populations as active market participants is the foundation of Swisscontact’s project work, which it focuses on four core areas:

  • Skills development: enabling labour market access and creating the basis for employment and income generation
  • SME promotion: supporting local entrepreneurship with the objective to strengthen its competitiveness
  • Financial services: facilitating access to local services such as credit, savings, leasing and insurance products
  • Resource efficiency: promoting efficient use of resources through energy- and material efficient production methods, as well as through measures to promote clean air and sustainable waste  management

With over 50 years of project implementation expertise and presence in South Asia, Swisscontact specialises in the following services within the four core areas;

Project Management and Implementation

Our team specialises in planning, organising, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

Scoping Missions/Feasibility Studies

Prior to implementation of projects and/or during project design phases, our team conducts rigorous feasibility studies to identify strengths and weaknesses of a proposed project, opportunities and threats presented by the surrounding environment, the resources required to carry the project through and ultimately, the prospects for success.

Fund Management

We are equipped with relevant experience, technical and management know-how to acquire and manage funds from bilateral/multilateral and corporate donors and design and implement projects and/or initiatives as per their organisational objective or corporate mission statement. 

Research and Evaluation

An integral part of programme implementation is to periodically assess and adapt programme activities to ensure effectiveness and understand impact of the interventions. As such, external evaluations can be useful for identifying areas for improvement and assist programmes to achieve goals more efficiently. Additionally, evaluations help demonstrate a programme’s progress and better communicate the impact of the programme to its existing or potential funding agencies or donors. 
Swisscontact has extensive experience in conducting external evaluations and offers such services to clients and partners. Assessments and evaluations are tailored according to clients’ requirements and absolute confidentiality is maintained. A broad range of instruments are used for collecting, analysing and reporting information about projects, policies and programmes, particularly around their effectiveness and efficiency.