Our services

If there is a project, policy or programme you would like to implement in a developing market, Swisscontact – with more than 50 years’ hands-on experience – can guide and assist you every step of the way.

n Kosovo, Swisscontact contributes to the creation of inclusive employment in dynamic and competitive small and medium enterprises in the food and natural ingredients and tourism sectors. Drawing on its experience and expertise, Swisscontact supports diversification of products and services, access to sales channels and overall improved networking. 

We facilitate and support:  

  • Development of new and improvement of existing products using strategies such as: market intelligence, product design, branding and packaging, promotion, as well as advisory and coaching services  
  • Service providers to introduce new and improve existing value adding services such as: certification, ICT, and promotional activities including fairs, road shows, digital promotion, fam-trips, and B2B linkages for better interconnected markets 
  • Introduction of contract farming between SMEs and farms, introduction of new varieties and the establishment of specialized seedling nurseries to increase the volume and quality of produce 
  • Development of new tourism products that enrich the country’s offer and of new tailored tourism packages for specific segments
  • Sharing of and exposure to knowledge and innovation through study and exchange visits, thematic joint activities with public and private sector to address constraints in the selected sectors and coordination with private sectors organizations to support better policy changes for the benefit of the SMEs and sectors.
  • Capacity building and inclusion of women and minority SMEs 
  • Coordinate Switzerland’s Senior Expert Corps missions, a Swisscontact project supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The SEC experts volunteer their knowledge and experience to small and medium-sized businesses in need of such consultancy but who cannot afford consultants.